Ideal Outdoor Places To Hide Your Spare House Keys

If you want to make sure that you will never have to worry about being stuck outside after locking yourself out of your own house, you will want to make use of the following suggestions for hiding places. Under The Edge Of Your Porch If you have a porch that allows you to reach up under the edge of it a little, you can use it as a place to hide the spare key to your house.

Think Like A Thief To Secure Your Home

One of the best strategies for avoiding getting your house broken into is to deter the thieves from even trying in the first place. In order to do this, you need to try to think the way they do, and then come up with strategies to make them rethink a potential break-in.  Into the Light The first aspect of this to consider is that, if you're thinking like a thief, then you aren't going to be very happy about lighting.

Is Your Pre-Teen Ready To Stay At Home Alone? Security Changes You Have To Make

Is your pre-teen at an age where they can be left home alone for short periods of time, and you are starting to question your home security? If so, there are a variety of ways you can improve the safety of your home to help you feel less stressed about leaving them alone. You'll want to talk with a locksmith and make some changes so your teen can protect themselves and so your house isn't a target for a break-in.

Troubleshooting Malfunctioning Electronic Car Keys

Electric car keys can be quite convenient. They have added safety features that analog keys lack in addition to oftentimes being equipped with a number of amenities, such as the ability to unlock your vehicle from far. However, like all electronic devices, sometimes they do not act quite like you want them to or how you expect. There are even a few occasions in which you will have to replace your car key.

3 Reasons To Rekey Your Home

There are plenty of reasons that you should change your locks. One of the most effective ways to change your locks is to have a professional locksmith rekey your home. This requires replacing the cylinders and pins of the lock itself so you will actually have to use a new key on your lock. Luckily, there are numerous locksmith services that are open 24/7, and can rekey your home at any time.