Top Signs You Should Have Commercial Rekeying Done

Commercial rekeying is something that can be done by a commercial locksmith, and it can be very handy for commercial property owners. This is a process that is used so that an old key will not work in a lock anymore, despite the fact that the lock has not actually been replaced. Many people find that this is a more affordable — and often faster — alternative to having entire locks replaced. These are some of the signs that rekeying might be something that you should have done.

You Have Recently Purchased a New Commercial Property

If you have recently purchased a new-to-you commercial property, you probably want to make sure that the property is secure. Although you might have been told that the keys you were given are the only ones that can enter the property, this is not something that you can be absolutely sure of. Now is a good time to have the existing locks checked out. If they aren't in good condition, they should be replaced. If they are in good shape, however, you should at least consider having them rekeyed. Then, you will be able to feel secure and confident knowing that no one else has a key that will access your commercial building. This gives you one less thing to worry about when you're in the process of starting work in a commercial property or when you're preparing to set up your own business inside the building.

You Have Fired a Keyholder

When you first gave a key to your business to one of your employees, you might have felt as if you could trust them. However, since then, you might have had to let them go for some reason or another. If this is the case, then you might be nervous about the fact that this person has a key to your place of business, especially if they never returned the key to you. In fact, even if they did return the key to you, you might be concerned that they might have made a copy. With rekeying, you can feel confident that a former employee will not be able to access your facility for any reason.

You Have Lost a Key

If you have lost one or more keys that enter your commercial building, you should not ignore the situation. There is a chance that these keys could have fallen into the wrong hands. In an abundance of caution, consider simply rekeying your locks instead. For more information, contact a commercial rekeying service.