Why You Should Always Re-Key Your Locks After Closing

When you purchase a house, it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure your safety and security. One of those steps is to re-key your locks. Having your locks re-keyed by a residential locksmith offers multiple benefits and can go a long way in protecting you and your family. Here's a closer look at why you should re-key your locks after buying a house.

Protect Against Lost or Stolen Keys

When you buy a home, there is no way of knowing who has access to keys that may have been issued during the previous owner's time in the house. They may have given out additional keys to family members, friends, and even neighbors, meaning that there are likely people with access to your home who you have not authorized.

Furthermore, if the previous owners never re-keyed the home when they bought it, even more people may have access to your new home. Having your locks re-keyed by a residential locksmith lets you rest easy knowing that any old keys will no longer work.

Get Fresh Locks and Keys

Re-keying also helps ensure that all of the locks in the house are keyed alike, meaning that one key can open all of them. This simple step makes it convenient when you need quick access to your home and lightens the load on your keychain as you will only need to carry a master key, not one for every door.

Increase Home Security

Modern locks come with many innovative features, including:

  • Bump-proof technology. Older locks are vulnerable to bumping, a technique burglars use to easily get into locked homes using a generic key that can pick many residential locks.
  • Reinforced deadbolts. Many modern locks have reinforced deadbolts, making them more resistant to forced entry. 
  • Smart lock systems. Smart locks give you the added convenience of unlocking and locking your door using an app on your smartphone, voice command technology, or even your fingerprint.
  • Control access. Newer locks also allow you to control access to your home by allowing a pre-programmed pin for workers that need to enter your home. The pin only works during the timeframe you set and expires after the work is complete.

You can take advantage of these enhanced security features by having a residential locksmith re-key existing door hardware with modern locking components. 

Re-keying your locks after buying a house provides multiple benefits, but, most importantly, it gives you peace of mind. A qualified residential locksmith will be able to assess each individual door throughout the property and recommend suitable options to prevent unauthorized entry moving forward.

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