The Top 3 Commercial Door Repairs

Commercial doors are essential to the overall safety and security of any commercial space. It is imperative that you monitor the condition of your commercial doors closely. If you allow your doors to fall into disrepair, you make it easier for your commercial space to fall victim to theft.

Many business owners have discovered that there are a few common problems that plague their commercial doors. Learn more about these problems so that you will be prepared to make timely repairs.

1. Hardware Damage

The average commercial door sees significantly more use during the course of a day than a residential door would. Employees and customers are constantly entering and exiting your commercial space, which can put your door's hardware at risk of sustaining damage.

Be sure that you conduct routine inspections of your door to check for loose handles, damaged springs, or bent hinges. Repairing these small hardware issues as soon as they arise will help you avoid a more serious malfunction in the future.

2. Bent Frame

Your commercial door frame supports the weight of the door. If this frame becomes bent, you may experience problems opening and closing the door smoothly. A bent door frame is a weak point that can make it easier for would-be criminals to enter your commercial space.

It's important that you address any frame damage to your commercial door with an alignment service. An experienced technician can correct the frame damage to restore proper function to your door.

This will enhance the overall accessibility of your commercial space for customers and employees and ensure that your space remains safe and secure.

3. Damaged Seal

Commercial doors are typically equipped with rubber seals. The primary role of these seals is to prevent any air from passing between the door and the frame. Damaged seals can have a negative impact on your company's bottom line.

Air transfer makes it difficult to regulate indoor temperatures, requiring you to rely more heavily on your building's HVAC system. You will likely see an increase in heating and cooling costs when your commercial door seals are damaged.

A technician can replace damaged seals to restore the airtight seal of your commercial door.

Proper maintenance and timely repairs are essential if you want to keep your commercial door functioning properly.

Keep an eye on the hardware, frame, and seals of your door so that you can invest in the repair of these elements before minor damage becomes a major problem. Contact a company that offers commercial door repair services to learn more.