Four Things To Do Immediately After Moving To A New Home

Moving to a new home is an exciting affair, but there are a few things you should do immediately after moving to keep your new house secure and safe. Use this guide to help prepare your new home's security setup and prevent break-ins.

Add Landscaping Lighting

Home security doesn't mean just using motion detector lights to keep your home safe. Landscaping lighting along your walkways and around shrubs in front of your home can help to beautifully illuminate your property, add curb appeal and make it harder for burglars to approach your home undetected. Work with your locksmith to assess which areas of your home could benefit from these additional lights to make the most of exterior lighting.

Trim Back Shrubbery

Would-be thieves can sneak up to your home undetected by hiding in bushes and shrubbery. Trim back these areas of your landscape, or consider replacing them completely with smaller flower bushes or plants that can't provide cover for someone attempting to break into your home. You may also want to consider removing any trees that are close to bedroom windows on the second floor of your home to eliminate an additional access point to your home.

Change Your Locks

Changing your locks is critical after buying a new home. Several real estate agents may have had access to the keys for your home, which means you don't know how many people have access to your front door. Have your locksmith install new handsets and deadbolts on each door, including the pedestrian door to your garage, to keep your home safe and secure.

Install A Safe Room

Having an area your family members can retreat to in the case of a home invasion can provide added peace of mind. You can convert a large closet into a safe room for your family. The closet should be in a room that is easily accessible, such as a walk0in closet in a master bedroom. Have your locksmith wire the room to your home security system so your family members can send a silent alarm to your security company, and make sure the security company has a way to tell the alarm is coming from the panic room. This will help them to provide the correct information to police when dispatching help to your home.

Work with your locksmith, like Yearsley's Service LTD,  to create a safety and security plan for your new home. Consider scheduling a security inspection to identify any areas of your home that may be vulnerable, and put a plan in place to keep your home and your family safe.