Think Like A Thief To Secure Your Home

One of the best strategies for avoiding getting your house broken into is to deter the thieves from even trying in the first place. In order to do this, you need to try to think the way they do, and then come up with strategies to make them rethink a potential break-in. 

Into the Light

The first aspect of this to consider is that, if you're thinking like a thief, then you aren't going to be very happy about lighting. Sneaking around at night and practicing your thieving profession is all about going undetected. If you see a place is lit up well, then you aren't going to be especially happy about going in there to try to steal something and get out without being detected since this is going to be hard.

You don't need to have the lights on at all times, however. If you combine this approach with motion sensors, you'll ensure that you only have the lights running when you need them. The appearance of lights coming on suddenly will also only serve to enhance the deterrent effect and the instinct of potential thieves to run given the sudden danger of being revealed.

Open Spaces

Another thing you really aren't going to like very much is trying to deal with open spaces all around the house. Bushes, trees, hedges, these are all your friends. They keep you out of the public eye as you move toward your target. This means, that any home that keeps their home free of bushes or trees close to the windows or doors is going to be a no go for thieves.

This means that as a homeowner, the fewer places to hide that you have around your house, the better off you're going to be in terms of preventing a potential invasion. Clear away any obstructions and you'll feel and be safer.

Easy Access

If you're looking to check out a place for easy access, one of the first things you'd look for after checking to see all the bottom doors and windows are locked is second story windows that don't appear to have locks. It's often a simple matter to climb up onto the second story , especially if there's a shed nearby. With no locks on the second story window, you could just gain entry to the house that way easily.

Overall, thinking like a thief will help you gain perspective. You can use this to prevent their attack beforehand. For further assistance, contact a local locksmith, such as one from Fradon Lock Co Inc.