How To Avoid Getting Locked Out Of Your Home

If you've ever been locked out of your house, you're familiar with the feelings of stress and frustration it can bring. Fortunately, there are proactive steps you can take to help prevent this problem from ever happening to you again. Here are a few helpful tips that you can try so that you'll never have to worry about being stuck outside again.

Hide A Spare

There are lots of great options you can use to hide a spare key that will keep it out of the eyes of criminals. Consider getting a decorative hideaway ornament for your porch or lawn. These little statues are designed to look like rocks or other decorative items with a secret compartment built inside. It's the perfect place to hide a spare key in case you lock yourself out. Some smartphone cases now come with added compartments for spare keys. You can also try to hide one somewhere in your car like the center console. Just keep in mind that if you've locked your car door with the keys inside, you won't be able to get the spare out of it.

Designate A Keymaster

It's always a good idea to have someone else keep a spare key for you. If you're married, your husband or wife should obviously have one and they can let you in when they get home. But for many people who live alone, they may not have someone who they can call to quickly come to their rescue. If you really trust a neighbor, this is the best person to give a spare key to. Other options could include a sibling or other family member or close friend who lives nearby. Although you might have to wait for them to arrive, it's still much less expensive than paying a locksmith, like the ones at Redmond Lock & Key, to get the door open for you. If you rent an apartment, consider giving a spare key to the front desk or administration office so they can let you in.

Other Hiding Places

You can hide a spare key inside of your home's electrical panel if the panel is located outside. This option will work for most people but be sure that the panel is in a hidden area where prying eyes won't see you take the key out. Another good hiding place is inside of your garage. If you are able to open the garage from the outside using a wireless keypad or garage door opener, this is a great option for securely hiding a spare. Consider these options so you can plan ahead and safely keep an extra key at your disposal so you'll be able to avoid the dreaded situation of being locked out of your home.