Tips For Keeping Your Business Secure

Securing a business against crime can be a major goal for any business owner. However, it is easy for individuals that do not specialize in security to overlook a couple of important tips for securing an enterprise. These seemingly simple oversights can compromise the security of your building and make it an easier target for criminals. To avoid making these oversights, you should make sure to consider these two tips when you are securing your company.

Account For Employee Turnover

When you are deciding on security systems and locks for your company, it is easy to focus on anonymous criminals. While there are certainly roving criminals looking for easy targets, you should not overlook the risks that can come from former employees. With traditional key-based locks, it can be easy for someone to have an unauthorized copy made, and this can allow them to access the building after they have been terminated.

You can minimize the risk of this problem by opting for transponder keys. These resemble traditional keys, but they broadcast a high-frequency signal that can be received by a special chip in the lock. Without the appropriate transponder frequency, the locking mechanism will not release. By opting for this type of lock, you can simply change the transponder signal when an employee leaves as opposed to rekeying all the locks in the building.

Create An Inspection And Testing Schedule

Some business owners may make the error of failing to think about their locks until a problem arises. However, you should be aware that locks can sustain an intense amount of wear and tear, which can cause them to become compromised. By creating an inspection and testing schedule, you will be able to discover these problems before criminals are able to exploit them.

When inspecting the locks, you should look for signs of wear, damage or rust. These issues can be especially common for locks that lead to the outside because moisture can damage them. By inspection and testing the locks on your property every couple of months, you can help ensure that your business is safe from the risks that accompany lock failures.

Preventing criminals from harming your business is a serious task, but it is an unfortunate fact that many business leaders overlook some of the steps that can be taken to reduce the risks of a company being victimized by criminals. Appreciating the benefits of investing in transponder keys as well as the need to regularly test and inspect your locks can help you to avoid some common problems that can leave your enterprise vulnerable. Contact a business, such as the Southern California Security Centers, for more information.