Want To Improve Home Security? 3 New Features To Add With A Locksmith

As a homeowner, one of the fastest ways to improve your home's security is by investing in a home security system, but this requires you to commit to a monthly expense for 24/7 monitoring. If you do not feel the need to make such a commitment, you should start looking into alternatives. A locksmith, like San Pedro Lock & Key, can help you add a variety of features to your home that increase its security in more than a few ways.

Interior Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are commonly found on exterior doors, especially the front door. These locks are highly effective at preventing people from being able to break in through lock picking. However, you should also think ahead and get deadbolt locks for your interior doors as well. Being able to lock yourself in a room can give you plenty of time to call the proper authorities and escape through a window.

One of the best places that you can put one of these locks is the door in the garage. It is especially helpful if you have a habit of forgetting to lock your garage door. Even though someone can get into the garage, your top priority should be keeping people out of your actual home.

Hidden Safe

While you can do a good job of deterring and preventing a break-in, you cannot prevent it entirely. If you are gone on vacation, or even just at work, you want to keep someone from being able to take valuables, money, or sentimental items that you may keep in your home. The best place for these items to go is in a hidden safe, which you can build into a wall or floor and conceal with a rug or mounted picture.

Security Screen Door

Although crimes often happen at night, when criminals have an easier time concealing themselves, it is still possible for break-ins to happen at any time of the day. As a result, getting a security screen door is the perfect solution to prevent these problems while hanging out at home. It allows you to bring in the fresh air, but without having to worry about someone being able to effortlessly get inside.

Two popular materials are aluminum and stainless steel, which both have their own benefits. Aluminum is rust-resistant but costly, and stainless steel is cheaper and resists rust when it is powder-coated.

Locksmiths can help you pick out the best placements, models, materials, and handle the installation of everything, so you can use them as your go-to solution for improving home security.