Make Your Apartment Complex A Safe Community

If you are an apartment manager, then it's your duty to make sure that you give your tenants the best possible living environment. This means doing what you can to ensure their property and personal safety. The information offered to you in this article will help you to establish your complex as one that your tenants can feel safe in.

Provide adequate lighting

If there are any dark areas on the property, these are the areas where crimes will more than likely take place. By eliminating those dark areas, you also eliminate some of the risk of criminal activity occurring in the complex. Each doorway needs to be lit, as well as the entire parking area, the grounds, walk ways and any other areas.

Hire nighttime security

Having a security guard walking or driving around the complex can help protect your tenants, their cars and the complex as a whole. Not only does the presence of the security guard tends to scare off criminals, but they are also there to phone in crimes so that law enforcement can get there right away.

Have community meetings

Another great way for you to create a safer apartment complex is to hold monthly community meetings with your staff and the residents who wish to attend. At these meetings you can discuss any concerns or issues the tenants have. The tenants may often know a lot more about what's going on than you do, but they might not speak up unless the opportunity presents itself. These meetings can bring problems to light so that you can address them right away.

Lock all outbuildings at dusk

All outbuildings, such as community rec rooms and laundry rooms, should be locked during the nighttime hours. This will prevent criminals from using those areas for crimes, such as drug dealing. It will also help to decrease the chances of those areas being vandalized at night.

Put up gates

Turn your complex into a gated one. You can have a gate installed around the entire complex. The entrance gates should take a special code or access card to open. The parking area should also be protected with a gate that requires a code or card access to open for vehicles.

Have locks changed

You should have a locksmith on call that can come out to change locks any time that you have a tenant move out. This way, you know the new tenant won't have their place broken into by someone who got the key from a previous tenant. For more information on these services, check out websites like

Making these improvements to your apartment should help you cut out crime and provide a safer place for those that rent from you.