Three Ways To Prevent Locking Your Keys Inside Your Car

If you're one of those drivers who keeps locking your keys in the car, you know how time consuming it can be to wait for an auto service or locksmith. Remembering to get your keys out of the car before you lock the door shouldn't be difficult, but many people still forget simply because they're in a rush or they get distracted. One solution could be to place a spare key somewhere on the outside of the car, hidden from view; however, if your key is a transponder key, making a copy could be very expensive. Rather than continuing to forget the keys, then, try putting these three strategies into effect.

Never Set Them Down

Train yourself to never set the keys down when you are in the car -- always keep them in your hand. One of the problems people have is that when they throw the keys down on the seat and take care of something else, they can forget the keys are on the seat and then leave the car, locking the keys inside. Instead, once you stop the engine and remove the keys, make it a point to always hold the keys in your hand until you are out of the car.

Wear the Keys

If your problem is that you have too much stuff and can't hold the keys in your hand, then wear them. Whether you attach a wristband or neck lanyard to the keychain, have something that allows you to slip the keys onto your arm or around your neck so that the keys go with you when you leave the car, no matter how much you're holding.

Precise Routine

Another tactic is to have a precise routine when you leave your car. For example, turn off the engine, grab keys, undo seatbelt, unlock car door, exit, close door and lock from the outside. That's just an example; you figure out what routine is best for you. But once you create one, stick to it. Practice it enough so that if you don't follow it, you actually feel uncomfortable. What you want to do is create a series of actions that become so second nature that you know you'll always leave the car with keys in hand.

If you want more suggestions for strategies for remembering your keys and not locking them in the car, talk to locksmiths. They will be able to help you devise the right strategies for you. For more information, visit or a similar website.