Commercial Security: What Are Some Different Types Of Security Locks?

If you want to improve the security of your commercial property, you first need to consider the type of locks you have on your exterior doors. The following lock systems provide a good amount of security, and each has its own benefits.

High-Security Deadbolts

The first type of security lock you can put on your exterior doors is a high-security deadbolt. You don't want to choose a standard door lock or deadbolt since some burglars might have figured out how to pick the lock. Even if you have an alarm system, they might still be able to gain access into your building and steal items before the police arrive. However, there are double-cylinder deadbolts that provide extra security. These deadbolts are nearly impossible for anyone to get into, aside from an experienced locksmith with their master tools. With a double-cylinder deadbolt lock, a key is required on both the inside and outside of the door, so an intruder cannot break a window near the door in order to simply flip the lever action and enter the residence through the door.

Electronic Keypad

If you don't want to use a lock on your door, you can instead use an electronic keypad. This system gets rid of the risk of losing a key and having a criminal make copies of it. I also prevents the issue of having someone pick the lock in order to gain access into your building. However, there is still the possibility of a criminal guessing the correct code. With an electronic keypad system, a numeric code is entered every time someone wants in the building. You can give different codes to different employees, which helps you monitor their access and take it away if they quit or get fired. You can also change these codes frequently as an extra security measure.

Key Card Access System

Finally, another keyless entry option is using an electronic key card. This is similar to the keypad, except a plastic card is used to enter the building. Each employee is given their own key card, which is programmed to give them access into the building. Like the numeric codes, you can use the key cards to monitor when employees enter the building. These cards are swiped at the machine located at each door, which then unlocks the door. There is still the risk of them losing a key card and having someone pick it up and open the door. For this reason, it is vital that you require all employees to notify you as soon as they lose the card. You can then program it to no longer work on the doors.