4 Steps to Take After Your Purse is Stolen

Having your purse stolen is a horrible event-- not only may you lose out financially by losing cash, your cell phone, and the purse itself, there is also the sense of violation knowing that a thief has access to your home address and any other personal information that can be found in your wallet. While it is natural to be upset after having your purse stolen, a quick reaction is essential if you want to protect yourself. If your purse is stolen, take the following steps:

File a Police Report

If you have no idea who the thief was there may not be a good chance of the police catching the person and returning your belongings, but it is still important for you to file a police report. In the event that your credit cards are used fraudulently, the bank or credit card issuer may require a police report before they are able to reimburse you.

Cancel Your Credit and Debit Cards

Canceling your credit and debit cards as quickly as possible after your purse is stolen is essential in preventing fraudulent charges or having your credit card information used. When you cancel your credit cards, you will have to wait for new ones to be sent in the mail, but many banks offer temporary debit cards if you visit a bank branch. Getting a temporary debit card will give you easy access to your cash while you wait for a new permanent debit card.

Flag Your Credit Report

When someone has access to your credit and debit cards along with all of the personal information that can be found in a wallet, it is a good idea to put a flag on your credit report. To do this, you will need to call each of the major credit monitoring agencies, but a flag on your credit report can prevent someone from taking out new lines of credit or loans in your name.

Have All of Your Locks Re-Keyed

It can be a very uneasy feeling to know that a thief has your keys and your drivers license with your home address. For your own protection, you should immediately call a locksmith and have the locks in your home re-keyed to ensure that the person who stole your purse does not have access to your home. This step should not wait -- if it is outside of business hours, find a 24 hour locksmith, such as National Lock & Safe Co, in your area that can do the job. In addition to re-keying the locks in your home, it is also a good idea to have your mail box lock re-keyed so there is no way for a thief to gain access to your mail.